2018-2019 Team

The competition team of 2018-2019 was comprised of FSU Panama City and Gulf Coast State College students. The members are as follows:

From FSU Panama City:

  • Toni Weaver: Team Lead
  • Ryan Tracy: Co-Lead and Safety Officer
  • Mark Hartzog: Software Developer Autonomy
  • Brandon Bascetta: Software Developer for Autonomy
  • Michael Kirke: Software Developer for Visual and Digital Safety System
  • Marshall Sowell: Power and Electronics Lead
  • Dr. Damion Dunlap – Team Advisor
  • Dr. Joshua Weaver – Technical Advisor

From Gulf Coast State College:

  • Landon McCoy: Boat Manufacturing
  • Sydnee O’Donnel: Networking and Software Assistant
  • Mr. Alan Jeffries – Technical Advisor