Seminole Coast

Welcome to Seminole Coast! We are a subdivision within Panama City SPEAR that competes in the International RoboBoat Competition.

Seminole Coast is a team of students comprised of Florida State University Panama City and Gulf Coast State College Students. Founded in June of 2018, Seminole Coast became the first competition team from either of their home institutions to participate in an event like the international RoboBoat competition.

Disaster struck the team as a result of Hurricane Michael in October of 2018, but even the category 5 historical storm did not deter the team from going to the competition that upcoming summer. Against all odds and fueled by nothing more than sheer determination and energy drinks, the Seminole Coast team was able to impress and form lasting connections with the judges, placing 5th in static design and solidifying Seminole Coast as the top rookie team at the competition.

By the end of the competition, they earned top documentation of a first-year team ($1,000 prize), a $250 voucher from Blue Robotics, and a brand new NVidia Jetson TX2.

Since the 2019 competition, the Seminole Coast RoboBoat team has made progress and learned from mistakes made in previous years. The team has worked diligently and is eager to compete in the 2021 virtual competition.